About us

GreenTech Solutions Scandinavia AB was founded in 2019 by Peter Ek after working at Cellwood Machinery for almost 30 years with project management, process and business development in the paper and pulp industry as well as pre-treatment plants for biogas.

In the role of Business Development, new business segments were developed in the bioenergy sector and technical solutions. The position also included responsibility for leading the entire sales process for construction projects and public procurement.

Peter has a strong commitment to process optimization and application development and as an employee at Cellwood has developed several innovative solutions and patented applications in bioenergy. 

Examples of applications that have been developed are; - Concept for gently pre-treating food waste into a cleaner substrate.

- Mechanical atomization by dispersion for faster and higher gas exchange.

- Dry content optimization to reduce water consumption and optimize the slurry's TS content to the biogas plant.

- A further development of cyclones for more efficient heavy phase separation of glass and sand particles. The cyclone was introduced on the biogas market in 2010 and is currently available at several modern pre-treatment plants in Scandinavia.