The German company EnviTec is a market-leading supplier of complete biogas plants. It offers full service that covers the entire value chain from reception unit to upgraded vehicle gas or electricity and heat production.
The key to EnviTec's success is a large customer focus combined with its combined experience of owning and operating a large number of its own biogas plants. Today, it is one of the largest biogas producers in Germany. With more than 680 references in 16 countries and capacities from 75 Nm3 / h up to 5000 Nm3 / h biogas, you can feel confident in choosing EnviTec as your partner and supplier.
EnviThan – Gas upgrad
EnviTec offers gas upgrades to vehicle gas quality with efficient patented three-stage membrane technology in collaboration with Evonik / Sepuran.
Compared to other gas upgrade methods, EnviThan has several advantages:
- low CAPEX and OPEX costs
- flexible modules
- compact installations
- no need for chemicals

Cellwood has played an important role in the development of the modern pulp and paper industry. The company is the world's leading supplier of dispersion systems used to recycle recycled paper. More than 600 system installations have been delivered to paper mills worldwide.

Cellwood offers robust machine equipment with high availability to efficiently pre-treat organic material into a pure slurry for biogas production. 

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