GreenTech Solutions Scandinavia AB

Agency and technical consulting services

 in pre-treatment and complete biogas plants


Technical Consulting Services

GreenTech Solutions has a broad competence and experience in pre-treatment technology.
We help customers with solutions and concepts to better process organic waste into a cleaner slurry at biogas plants.

Preliminary studies / Investigations
Process design / Dimensioning
Concepts / Applications
Tender works / Procurements
Sales process / Project management
Commissioning / Tuning
Performance tests / Analyzes


GreenTech Solutions has an agency for EnviTec Biogas AG and Cellwood Machinery AB.

EnviTec Biogas AG is a market-leading and complete supplier of biogas plants and gas upgrades with membrane technology.

Cellwood Machinery offers products for pre-treatment of organic waste.

Passion for process optimization

We have extensive experience of project management, process and business development for biogas projects.

With broad expertise and a strong commitment to optimizing processes, we want to help our Customers with more efficient and green technical solutions!

New pre-treatment plant for Borås Energy and Environment

GreenTech Solutions in collaboration with Envac Optibag are proud Turn-key supplier to BEM, Borås Energi and Miljö's new pre-treatment plant for food waste.

Borås secures the future and invests in a technology for cleaner slurry, which can effectively separate plastic, metal and glass.

The pre-treatment will have a receiving capacity of 20 tonnes / h of food waste collected from households. 

"Green technical solutions and new innovations are needed to build the sustainable society of the future. Let our skills and driving forces complement each other."
Peter Ek